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Organic Banganapalli Mango

Organic Banganapalli Mango

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Banganapalli mangoes are a commercial variety of mango that are sweet, thin-skinned, and less fibrous. They are also known as Safeda, Chaptai, or Chapai in different regions. Here are some specifications of Banganapalli mangoes:

  • Shape: Obliquely oval, around 20cm in length
  • Color: Greenish-yellow-orange when fully ripe
  • Weight: Typically between 250 to 500 grams each
  • Skin: Thin and delicate
  • Flesh: Juicy, fiberless, smooth, and buttery
  • Flavor: Honey-like sweetness with subtle tangy undertones
  • Shelf life: Good compared to other varieties and suitable for long distant transportation
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