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Organic Kalapad Mango

Organic Kalapad Mango

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Kalapadi mangoes, also known as kalapad, are a variety of mango that originated in the village of Kalappadi in Tamil Nadu. They are small to medium sized, oval to oblong in shape and have thick skin and powdery pulp. Kalapdi magoes are known for being very sweet, juicy, and resistant to disease. They are available during summer with peak season from March to June. They weigh an average of 100–200 grams per piece, and six to seven mangoes can weigh one kilogram.

  • Size: Small to medium,
  • Weight: 100–200 grams on average
  • Color: Green rind and golden yellow flesh
  • Skin: Thick and smooth
  • Pulp: Powdery
  • Shape: Oblong, with one curved to small, pointed end
  • Season: March–June
  • Shelf life: Medium
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